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DJ Tony Slammin Keas

Your #1 Chicago DJ

Finding a professional DJ / Emcee that will listen to your ideas and offer suggestions based on his expertise is essential to planning and experiencing the best wedding reception ever!

Here are a few questions that constantly come up during the initial meeting with every potential client

Q: How will I know who my DJ will be?

A: From the initial inquiry to the final dance of the evening, you will deal with me and only me.  Most other "dj companies" will have you meet with a sales person or a secretary that will take all your information that you’ve provided about your music tastes and personality and try to match you with a DJ who they are hoping will be a great fit.  In my opinion, when you are having a special day such as your once in a lifetime wedding, I would not want to take a chance on having someone else pick the most important piece of the your wedding reception puzzle.  After your initial phone call or email inquiry, we will meet face to face for an easy, convenient meeting to discuss your plans and answer all your questions. You’ll then have a 5-day window during which to make your decision, and your date will be held for you during that time.  

Q: Can we choose the music to be played at our event?

A: YES, You’ll be amazed at how flexible I am when it comes to music selection! That’s because my experience has taught me that keeping the dance floor packed is influenced by many factors, including the order and style in which the songs are played, the way songs are mixed together, and my interaction.  You have the knowledge of what music style you prefer & what music style your guests will enjoy.  I have had clients that have requested to chose every song for the entire event and others that have left the music selection completely up to me.  My recommendation is to provide us with a list of “must play” and "do not play" songs.  This will leave plenty of room for requests from your guests and my personal music selections.  You may also stipulate that we not take requests from your guests that’s completely up to you.  I will try to accommodate requests that fit into your guidelines and the time that we have to play them.  Most importantly, have fun and select music you want to hear and dance to.  After all, it’s your event!

Q: Can I go see you DJ at another event?

A: Yes and No, unless it is a public event, I cannot allow you to attend another clients event due to the privacy of their events.  I will always request that I have a potential future client meet me at their event for a review, most of the time it is always granted, but without their consent, I will not say yes, after all , you would not want anyone coming to crash your event, thank you for understanding.  


Q: Do you hang any banners or other advertisements?

A: Absolutely not!  I respect your efforts to provide a beautiful setting for your reception.  I will never attempt to make your event an advertising campaign for myself.  I will however always pass out business cards and/or may place several cards on the dinner tables.  

Q: How much do you charge?

A: My base rates for weddings range from $1,200-???.  I base my pricing on an objective structure that is very detail orientated for every wedding / event, which ensures consistency and fairness to all of our clients.  I am not in the practice of subjectively pricing weddings / events based on our estimation of your budget — for example, we don’t price events higher if a client is using an expensive reception site or if they were referred by a well-known wedding planner.  A complete and accurate price quote will be provided to you in our first (of many) pre-wedding / event meeting.

Q: How do you mix the music?

A: Mixing is a pretty basic skill for any good DJ, but how a DJ does it says a lot about their style.  I mix music with the purpose of creating seamless transitions between songs and maintaining the energy and momentum on the dance floor.  Mixing for me is something I do on the spot, based on the tempo and “feel” of the songs and the reaction of the crowd.  I don’t treat your wedding or special event like it’s my show, I don’t use your wedding to test out new music or remixes that no one recognizes.  I also don’t use any cheesy, pre-fabricated “DJ Mixes” from corporate music service, I always use the original radio version of each song unless there’s a really good reason not to.

Q: Do you offer event lighting?

A: I do provide special uplighting, we believe that since we are already providing your wedding / event with special dancing L.E.D. lighting for the dancing part of your wedding / event, we would rather have the matching lights around the room.  Providing an elegant lighting experience that is sure to make everyone in the room stop & stare in awe. 

Q: Do you accept gratuities?

A: Tips are always a sign of a job well done, so if a gratuity is offered then I take it as a compliment that I did an outstanding job for your wedding / special event.  

Q: Do you take breaks?

A: No. From the moment I arrive at your reception site for setup until the moment your guest and you dance the last dance, I will be working and paying attention to your reception!

Q: Will there be additional charges for set-up and break-down?

A: NO, all packages include set-up and break-down; there will be no surprise charges at the end of your reception!

Q: Will you work with our wedding coordinator?

A: Absolutely! Anything I can do to assist them will be done with the utmost cooperation and respect to ensure a flawless wedding.

Q: We do not have a wedding coordinator; will you work with our other wedding vendors?

A: Yes, I have and will continue to do so, I want to work with them!  By coordinating all of the events from your arrival to your last dance on the dance floor, I will coordinate everything for the night of your special reception.

Q: Do you travel and work throughout the Chicago-land area?

A: Yes. I work throughout the Chicago-land area (in the city and suburbs) as well as throughout the USA.  Tell us where you are planning your event and I'll be there!

Q: Do you use professional DJ equipment and sound systems?

A: Yes, I use the latest technology and professional sound equipment for everything, from laptop driven sound and lighting systems to the methods that we transport our equipment.  I take our equipment very seriously and it delivers the highest quality sound, presentation and reliability.  

Q: Will you provide an emergency back up system? What if something doesn’t work right?

A: Yes. Even though my quality equipment is maintained and updated frequently, I still bring professional back up equipment to every event. We also have a solid back up plan for our services.  My reputation for providing excellent entertainment without any reliability issues is no accident.

Q: Can you help us with announcements?

A: Yes! It’s my pleasure to be your Emcee for the evening, making your announcements and/or introductions with professionalism, style, and elegance!

Q: How will you be dressed?

A: I will be dressed in appropriately for your event. During our consultations, you may request any special attire requirements that you may have.

Q: Do you provide hand held, wireless microphones?

A: Yes.

Q: How early will you be to our site to setup?

A: I will arrive as early as needed for your event so I can be fully set-up and in place well before your first guests arrive.  Every wedding is different and requires a different set up time, on average, 3-4 hours before the event start time is when setup begins.  All of this is coordinated with your events hall.

Q: Do you allow requests from our guests?

A: Absolutely, provided that the requests are consistent with your plans (as discussed in our planning sessions).  I welcome song requests from your guests and I always will do my best to make sure I can work in any/all requests made while at your event.