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Here you will see most of my upcoming bookings & events.  Please contact me with the date of your event, even if you see that it is already booked, sometimes there are cancelations.  Thanks for checking out my website & have a great day.

Fri. 10/25 7:00 AM St. Walter Dance

*Private Event*

St. Walter Shcool Dance

7:00 PM St. Celestine Halloween Dance

Private Event

St. Celestine School Halloween Dance

Sat. 10/26 7:00 PM Resurrection College Prep Hoco

Resurrection College Prep Hocoming Dance

Fri. 11/1
Tue. 11/12
9:00 PM
11:59 AM
4 Points Bar

An Old School Dance Party 

4 Points Bar & Saloon in Medinah, IL

Sat. 12/7
Sun. 12/8
10:00 PM
1:00 AM
Slammin Saturday Nights

Slammin Saturday Nights


Draft Bar Chicago

Fri. 2/7 7:00 PM Valentines Dance

*Private Party*

Valentines Dance 

St. Celestine School

Fri. 4/17 7:00 PM St. Walters Dance

*Private Event*

St. Walters School Dance

Fri. 5/15 7:00 PM Resurrection College Prep SR Prom

Resurrection College Prep SR Prom

Sat. 6/20 6:00 PM Tyler - Carly Wedding

Tyler - Carly Wedding

Sat. 8/1 6:00 PM Charlie & Paulina Wedding

Charlie & Paulina Wedding

Sat. 11/7 6:00 PM WEDDING OF THE YEAR!!!

Czoty - Stoll 


This is going to be epic and WILL be the best wedding of 2020

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